People’s Biennial 2014

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit


I co-curated the second version of the People’s Biennial with Jens Hoffmann in Detroit. We came up with a system of asking established artists from around the country to each select someone that they thought was doing really interesting work but wasn’t well known in the art world, and to then create a small solo show of that person’s work. Each of the little exhibitions were presented together in a small structures installed in the main gallery at MoCAD. These were the participating artists and their collaborators: Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla and Robert Rabin, Carson Ellis and Hank Meloy, Dara Friedman and Ishmael Golden Eagle, Wendy Ewald and Denise Dixon, Lee Walton & Harriet Hoover and Mr. Coopers, Colter Jacobsen and Lance Rivers, Liz Magic Laser and Wendy Osserman, Sharon Lockhart and Fearless Fred, Cary Loren and Jimbo Easter, Rick Lowe and Jonathan the Plant Man, Ken Lum and Orkan Telhan, Jeffry Mitchell and Vic Oblas, Scott Reeder and Xav Leplae, Alec Soth and George Wurtzel, Hank Willis Thomas and Baz Dreisinger, Transformazium and James Kidd, Steven Yazzie and Jonathan Bond.

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