It’s Time To Read Orwell Again

Nashville, TN James Robertson PKWY N/S @ Nissan Stadium, Facing East October – November 2018 I was invited to design a billboard for the For Freedoms project: After hearing about Rudi Giulani’s comment that “truth isn’t truth” I couldn’t help but think about the book 1984 and the Orwellian concept of “Newspeak” where words can mean their opposites. I recall reading 1984 when I was in high school, I think in 1983 which made the book even more ominous. At that time things seemed bad with Regan but now we have entered a whole new almost fictional seeming time with Trump, so I looked up the cover copy of the 1984 that I had read and decided to use the design elements from it for my billboard in an attempt to get people to consider the possibility that we could be heading towards a totalitarian state and that now is the time to do something about it.