The Best Things in Museums Are the Windows

The Exploratorium
San Francisco, CA


As an Exploratorium Artist-in-Residence I created a project that involved traveling for four days with a group of participants from the end of the museum’s building across the Bay in a sail boat and then walking from Emeryville to the top of Mt Diablo. The trip covered about forty miles. In the group of participants were Exploratorium staff, scientists and members of the public. Each participant and various invited people along the way did presentations on topics related to the areas we were traveling through. Additional members of the public connected with the core group at more than a dozen points along the path. Each day featured several official stops while countless unofficial observations added to the experience. By extending the museum’s curiosity-based learning into the surrounding landscape, the project aimed to transform the everyday world into an open classroom while working toward a greater integration of a cultural institution within its surrounding community.

The Best Things in Museums Are the Windows is a project of the Exploratorium’s Center for Art and Inquiry, an R&D center for the arts within the larger learning laboratory of the Exploratorium.