Pippi and Theonious

Presented by Gareth Moore as part of his Children’s Films project
November 19, 2011 – January 29, 2012

For his project “Children’s Films” Gareth Moore asked five international artists to produce short films for children. The artists invited, Ulla von Brandenburg (*1974), Keren Cytter (*1977), Geoffrey Farmer (*1967), Julia Feyrer (*1982) and Harrell Fletcher (*1967) were free to focus on any particular topic, shaping the content and form of their respective film. Gareth Moore collated the five contributions into an episodic film and provided it with open and closing credits. In this way, an entertaining children’s film of more than 20 minutes came about. One point of reference for this project was, alongside his own fascination with the formats of popular children’s television, the “Children’s Tapes” (1974) of the American artist Terry Fox.